Monday, November 26, 2012

Wassss Up!!?

It's been a while since I wrote in my little blog here.  Well, it is only for when I feel like it and I do today. So there.

Did I mention the Giants won the WORLD SERIES??  Just thought I would remind everyone out there.

Anywho, I have been working online and my WAHM blog is coming along.  I decided to monitize it a little more in hopes to gain an income for blogging the last 2 years for free.   Yep, blogging for free everyone!  Ok, I think I made $65 last month.  Basically I made big mistakes there and I am trying to fix that.  You can read about them in Why I Am Awful at Affiliate Sales.

What else has been going on in my life?

Let's see.  Just mom stuff.  Wife stuff.  Life stuff.  Damn!  I wish my life was more exciting but sorry folks it is not. :(

I did go to one of the world series games!!! They won. Well, duh! They swept the World Series.  Aren't they awesome!!

That's Waasss Up!

Well, gotta go to the pet store and get my butt licking dog with dry skin the cone of shame, lol.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Together We ARE Giant! Go San Francisco Giants

When my husband suggested back in the beginning of 2012 that we buy season tickets to the SF Giants baseball games I was livid.  What the hell?  We never go to baseball games and the couple of times I did in recent years I was bored out of my mind.  (I won't mention which team was playing but they are across the bay.)

I was not behind my husband.  These tickets are expensive.  The only consolation was that they were actually for our business and by taking clients and giving away tickets to them also the season tickets would be a write off.

A few weeks passed and, honestly, I thought he forgot about this silly idea of buying season tickets.


Before I knew I got a text one day asking if the seats he chose where acceptable to me.  I really didn't care.  Like I said I was bored at any other games I had been to.  I just told him sure and figured I lost this battle and I will not see him most of the season because he will be at Giants games with clients.

He bought 2 season tickets.

I was not happy and not impressed.  He wanted me to be happy but I couldn't bring myself to justifying the price he paid.

Until I went to my first game...

I gave into his requests and attended my first Giants baseball game in April 2012.  I figured I would drink a few beers to get me through this then I can go home and he'll leave me alone about baseball for a couple of months.

We parked down the street from AT&T Park so had to walk in.  As I was walking I could feel the energy of the area.  A few bars and restaurants buzzing with people wearing orange and "Fear The Beard" shirts.  (In reference to Brian Wilson, pitcher for Giants but did not play the 2012 season because of injury.) It was getting a little exciting.

Then I saw the stadium!!! It was like going back in time!  AT&T stadium is brick and set up like the old ballparks now torn down to accommodate more people and city codes.

AT&T park is an amazing stadium.  I was awestruck!  (My photos don't give it justice.)

The park feels like a piece of history with statues of Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda and Willie McCovey, all of whom are famous Giants. The Old style brick and seating.  The stadium is also set in the a city setting (not set outside the city limits) so as you walk in you are struck by this huge structure.

I could go on about the stadium.  It is a great place to just hang out, eat and see the huge coke bottle and glove.  A trolley car sits the bay side of the stadium where you can look out at the Bay Bridge and the Bay.

My husband showed me around the park.  I was already having fun thinking about the history of the New York Giants and how they came to be in San Francisco.  So much history with this franchise.

The game was amazing!  They announced the Giants and everyone was cheering.  And it was sold out, like all the games this season.  The crowd was alive and the players played great.

At this point I knew I was hooked.

Going into the game I knew about Brian Wilson and Buster Posey (I read a bit about the team before I came).  And I knew about Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval from listening to local radio.  It was exciting to see them play!

You know what else?  I have become a fan of the game.  I watch teams that are not mine, not to cheer but to check out the competition.  To see who is good.  And at times, the woman in me gets the better of my hormones and checks out who is hot.  And believe me, ladies, there are plenty of hot men in MLB!

Now, 6 months later, I am obsessed.  Honestly, I came to be a fan of this team blind.  I barely knew they won the World Series in 2010.  But if you know me now, I know about players and stats, I wear orange when they play, and I look forward to any home game I can attend.  I get angry at them when they lose or play like shit but still back them against any other team.  I know all the nicknames and slogans for the team and the players. I know all the major events that happen this year, like Cain's Perfect Game and Sandoval's 3 homers in Game 1 of the World Series!! ( I was there!!)

I scream and yell for my boys in orange.  I am a Giants fanatic fan.

Cain's Perfect Game


Now.  They are in the World Series!! OMG!! I never thought they would actually get National West title, let alone make it past great teams like the Reds and Cardinals to get here.  (Believe me, I definitely want them to make it but there were times I doubted they could play well enough to knock out teams that had better stats.) This is an amazing team!!  They are a "TEAM" in all sense of the word.  They work together to make it happen, mentally and physically. 

What a treat to a new fan!!  You guys are amazing! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Suburban Trumps Minivan, Well, Only if Minivan is Driven by Crazy Mom

Dear Crazy Minivan Mom,

This morning, yes, I was running late taking my daughter to school. But I sure was not going let her be late.

As I turned right onto the main street, I had the unfortunate luck of being behind you. As you meandered in the right lane going 10 mph UNDER the speed limit, I figured I needed to legally pass you on the left in order to get my daughter to school on time.

I got in the left lane and proceeded to speed up to the speed limit to get around you. And turned on my right blinker to signal I was getting back over. As I glanced into my right side mirror, because I needed back in the right lane,  I noticed you were actually rather close to my car in the that lane. Huh? I thought I could easily pass you, I mean I did watch my vehicle pass yours. At that moment I realized, you were not going to let me in the lane. You sped up!! 

Let the games begin!   As I needed back in the lane, I sped up.  Now I am going 5 mph over the speed limit but I can see you are right next to me.  OK!  Let's do this, my car is bigger than yours. Ha!  I decided to get over. 

Apparently, I cut you off because you honked like a mad woman!  This action made me say a few choice words in front of my daughter, who, by the way, is celebrating her 12 birthday today! Thanks, see what you made me do!?

Job done.  I got in the right turning lane as you proceeded BEHIND me. I gave you a nice wave and continued my day.

My daughter was not late to school.  And I got a great chuckle from you attempted to take on my  Suburban.

So next time, crazy mom, don't take on a mom crazier than you. 

Love and Kisses,

Yep, that's my baby. 

No cars, children or people were physically harmed in the race to be better.  Some feelings were hurt.  But who cares.
Also, I am not implying any vehicle is better than any other.  I was on a mission to beat you!    

Saturday, October 6, 2012

SF Giants Style!

I love the SF Giants! 

This is cheesy but funny!

 Heeeyyy! Buster Posey!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Frugality When Kids Get Older, #FrugalPhotoFriday

When my kids were little I could send them to school with a lunch box and reusable containers for everything.  It was a great way to help keep plastic out of the environment and save money by not having to buy sandwich bags, drinks and lunch bags.

Now my son is 14 and wouldn't be caught dead using reusable containers outside our home.  I understand, he has a reputation to keep up at school. LOL.  So I have to buy paper lunch bags, plastic sandwich bags and bottles of water. :(

But I did convince him to bring back the empty bottles so I can rinse, dry and reuse them again.

Small victories are still victories, right?  Now if I can get him to turn in his assignments...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Use for the iPhone Yet

My 14 year old son has an issue with getting up in the morning for school. The issue? He won't get up.
So I set the Old Car Horn buzzer alarm on my iPhone for 1 minute, place the phone on the table in his room furthest from his bed and then he magically gets up. It is so loud and annoying he needs to turn it off by getting up!!
I love you iPhone!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Damn Dog!

This is Maggy.

Maggy sits at our back door asking to go out.

I let her out.

She turns around slowly and stares at me to come back in.

I let her in.

She lays back down.

To start the whole process over again.

It's 100 degrees outside! She forgets this every 20 seconds.

Damn dog.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When I Was a Kid I Wanted an iPhone

What do your kids have that you always wanted when you were a kid?

I know, iPhones did not exist in the 1970's.  But kids with stuff I wanted did.  She is one of those frickin' kids.

I feel the urge to thank my daring husband for garnishing my daughter for her 11th birthday with the best phone in the family.  Why he did this, I just don't know.  Whatever, life goes on. 

The one great thing about her having an iPhone is I can take it away as punishment.  Let me tell ya she has been a perfect little angle for almost a year now.

(Writing prompt from Mama's Loosin' It. )

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well, In the Grand Scheme of Things...

This morning after dropping the kids off at school I turned on the radio to listen to some news and talk on the Armstrong and Getty show.

"Sad news coming out of Davis this morning". The talk show hosts states.

I'm thinking, "Crap another frickin' shooting!!!"  I'm feeling very sad at this moment.

"Man masturbates in public at a local coffee shop in Davis".

Oh, thank God, it's just someone exposing himself.

WAIT! What? Thank God, it's just someone exposing himself?

What has this world come to where I am actually relieved to hear that someone is masturbating in public?  But in the grand scheme of horrible things to happen these days, people being shot at trumps public exposure of private parts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ignoring the Universe, I Shoulda Stayed in Bed

Yesterday was just "ONE OF THOSE DAYS"!!

You know them.  People have said that they "woke up on the wrong side of the bed".

That was me. Period.  (Actually, I wish I could blame my period but it just ended.)

I did not want to leave my bedroom except for coffee, Taco Bell and BBQ pork.  (Don't ask why I wanted the last one, it sounded good.)

I woke up grouchy.  Who knew why.  Maybe I was tired. Maybe I just needed coffee.  IDK.

I got the kids ready and out the door.  Drive to school.  My son is in High School now so I take him across town.  As I'm driving I see something in the middle of the road.  Eeek!  It's a snake.  Oh, it's dead.  No it's not!!!  And I run it over!!! Crap!!  It was BIG snake too.  I felt really bad.  Why?  I don't like taking any lives, not my thing.

That's over.  Drop my daughter at Junior High. Love love kisses.  (I love having a daughter, my son just gets out and grunts "bye".)

I'm excited!! My first full day to workout then blog at my WAHM blog and get some work done.  But, no, my good friend calls.  That's ok, it will be short.  Not a chance.  She is having problems with her daughter and some parents she was left in care with over the weekend.  You see, her daughter has Celiacs and apparently the dumbasses taking care of her at a slumber party didn't care if she wanted her special diet food.  (It's a long story.)  She was very hungry and mom was angry.  I would be also.  So we spoke for 2 hours.  No workout and now it is almost time for lunch.

Screw it, I'm out to Taco Bell.  Good lunch.

Then off to grocery shop and pick up dry cleaning.

I got home at 2:30pm with about 20 minutes to use for work until I get daughter at Junior High.  Ya, really? What can you possibly do in 20 minutes?

3:30.  Daughter needs help with homework.  Kitchen is mess.  Fold laundry.  You know, all that mom stuff we do.

By the time my son gets home from football practice at 6:30 PM I'm tired.  I read one blog.  Did not log into my own blog.  And I am in a really foul mood now.

Wait......It gets better. 

7:15 PM SF Giants baseball game on.  If you know me, I am a new obsessed fan.  They proceeded to lose 15-2!!!

I should have stayed in bed.  The universe was telling me something that morning and I ignored it.

For more read my other blog too: 7 Things That Scared me Last Week While Stalking Online

I feel better now that I dumped all that on you. Ha ha!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Unreal Candy: Gimme the Sweets!

Can't wait to try them! 
Just got into my latest Bzz Campaign!
Hopefully less sugar but all the taste.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Late Afternoon Urge

So I'm sitting down during the quiet of the late afternoon. Just me, my Trader Joes Wine Country Chicken Salad, some Tj crackers and Entrepreneur Magazine. It's rather pleasant. Kids are dispersed to football and a friend's house. Hubby up in his loft office above the garage (btw, best thing to have at home is a man cave, not for but for your sanity. Especially if he works from home sometimes.) and I get this urge to blog...
That's it.
That's my post.
God forbid I ever stop thinking about the Internet. It's the bloggers curse.
If you want to read anything meaningful, lol, just head over to my other bloggy home: Ramblings of a WAHM.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Out of Place in the City

This weekend we ( me, the hubby and kids) are taking a mini vacation in San Francisco. I love visiting the city- everything I need is within a 1.5 radius walking circle! And that includes about 20 Starbucks, lol.
But the one thing I hate is I feel so out of place. I don't dress like a city dweller. I look more like a mom that rarely leaves her comfy suburban setting. (Wait, I am that mom.)
The women here have posh boots, cool blazers and just dress all around so much more vogue than I ever can.
What am I wearing? Jeans, tennis shoes and my 6 year old sweater.
And on top of that, their hair looks so nice! It's foggy in SF, how do they keep there hair styles from falling? I did my hair up all nice this morning, left the hotel and 5 minutes later it looked like I just walked through a waterfall!
I love the city but I need to work on looking not so out of place.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dr. Scholl's Insoles: BzzAgent Allie's Review

I recently became a BzzAgent.  What I do is get free stuff and create a buzz.  I am excited to say for my first campaign I received the Dr. Scholl's Messaging Insoles.

Dr. Scholl's Insoles

I am not on my feet all day BUT when I am on my feet I am relentless with them.  I wear flip flops, I workout, I hike, take walks and I am running around with the kids.  I have abused my feet with bad shoes all my life.  I am at the age where I only buy quality shoes and insoles to help my feet cope.

Let me tell you first, all of my shoes have some sort of insole.  My workout shoes have arch support insoles and my regular shoes have air cushion insoles.  So I am no stranger to having them in my shoes.  And I am more than willing to test and see if Dr. Scholl's  stacks up to the $30 brands I buy.

I am very pleased with the gel insoles.  What a concept!!  That gel is awesome!

This morning I decided to give my feet a challenge.  In my left foot, no insole.  In my right foot I placed the Dr. Scholl's Messaging Gel Insole.

At first the insole squeaked!  What the heck?  Air?  As I walked the squeak went away.  And that is the last complaint I have.

They fit great after you cut them down to size.  You can cut them using the guidelines they give you on the bottom of the insole or using the insert you took out of your show as a guide.  They don't slide like some inserts I have used.

I took a walk for about 30 minutes on asphalt.  There was some difference but not much, I mean I am using new shoes that are made for running and tend to cushion your feet.

The true results came after!!  I sat down to write out this post and the bottom of my left foot was throbbing, the one without Dr. Scholl's.  My right foot did not throb.  This is truly a victory for my feet.

I can't tell you how happy I am.  Like I stated before I wear inserts in all my shoes but all of them leave my feet throbbing after.   I was given the Dr. Scholl's Messaging Gel insoles for Women.  I think I may have to try the Sports version.

Click the links above to find out more about Dr. Scholl's Messaging Gel Insoles.  Here are some facts:

  • The insoles can be used in a variety of shoes.
  • They retail for about $13 (great price if you ask me.)
  • Men's sizes: 8-13, women's: 6-10
  • And can be found at grocery stores, drugstores and many discount mass retailers
  • Money back guarantee

*I am a BzzAgent. This is part of a Buzz Campaign.  I create a buzz about products and coupons I receive for free.  BUT I give my honest opinion, always.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Whoo hoo! Summer Break Is Here!

The Fam at the Grand Canyon 2010

My kids are out of school.  And I love it!!!

No homework. No tests.   No rushing around in the morning to get them out to school.  No stopping my day to grab them from school.

No worries for a whole 7 weeks! Whoo hoo!

Yep, only 7 weeks. 

My kids are on what is called a "modified traditional" school calendar.  They get a shorter summer.  But we get 2 weeks off in October, 2 weeks in December and 2 weeks in the Spring. 

When I enrolled my son in Kindergarten almost 9 years ago, I did not like this new plan.  I was angry that our summer would be cut short. BUT...and that is a BIG BUT...

October is a wonderful time to take vacations.  The weather is slightly cooler but still very pleasant.  And here's the biggy: LINES ARE SHORTER.  Everyone is in school so lines at amusement parks and any vacation destination are shorter!! Whoo hoo!

There is one problem: Football.  Yes, my son decided to play a Fall sport.  And that took away out October break.  But I love watching him play.  This year he is starting high school so will play for the Freshman team.  I am so scared for him.  Some of these boys look like men!! And my son just doesn't yet.

Would you enjoy a a shorter summer for 2 weeks off in October?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Sangria

Do you have a favorite summer time drink?

Why does it need to be just one? I have different ones for different occasions.

In the morning I really love having a Grande Starbucks Iced Mocha, Nonfat, No Whip, 3 pumps. A walk with my hubby on a warm Saturday morning, grabbing the newspaper and hanging at our local Starbucks is an awesome way to start a weekend.

Now that afternoon...I'll simply drink some refreshing cool water or a Diet Pepsi. I don't like to weigh myself down with heavy drinks or anything with calories at this time. I save those for the evening.

Now if the opportunity arises (and the older I get, the more these opportunities tend to arise, lol) we will grill up some carne asada or chicken. This is my time to break out the sangria!!! 

Yummy sangria goes great with grilled food. I came up with my own recipe this last weekend and shared it with my friends (one whose cat I featured here) on Memorial Day.

 juice of 1 orange
 juice of 1 lime
 juice of 1 lemon
handful of frozen mixed berries
1 bottle of sweet red wine
3 cups of Sprite (it can also be diet or ginger ale, anything clear and bubbly)

Squeeze the citrus juices into the bottom of a pretty serving pitcher (well, don't worry if it is pretty, you'll be poring this stuff out so fast, the pitcher won't be seen. But make sure your serving glasses are pretty. ) Add the rest of the ingredients and stir. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

If you are like me, you need this recipe to be simple because you already started in on the Coronas or another bottle of wine. I mean who can wait 2 hours for such a yummy drink!?

Happy summer!!

What is your favorite summer drink?

This post was prompted my Mama's Loosin' It and I am so glad to participate in my first prompt.  It was fun!

Mama’s Losin’ It

Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Privacy

My friend text this photo to me last night. She was trying to simply use the restroom and her cat apparently needed in.
With a house full of kids and cats, one place a mom can usually find refuge is the restroom, I guess not. Lol!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pity Party for One

Do you ever just feel defeated?

Nothing going your way?

As much as you think "I have my health, my family and life is actually pretty good" you still feel dumpy?

That is how I feel today.

I am tired.

I can feel the tension in the back of my neck.

I tried to run errands this morning.  Couldn't find parking at the school so I left.  Post office was closed.  My accountant was closed.  My Starbucks buddy who meets me every Wednesday was not there.  My daughter is home sick, she keeps sneezing and coughing.

All I want is time for myself.  Am I being selfish?  (Now the guilt will make me feel even worse.)

Is it that all the bad little things start adding up and they trump the good big things in your life?

I know I just need the day to pass.  Get some work done.  And get over my pity party.

Tomorrow is another day.  And summer is almost here! Whoo hoo!

Don't look at my toes. :-)
I know, I'll get a pedicure!  That always works!

UPDATE (Just moments after pressing "publish"):

Right after I posted this Pity Party for One I headed over to SPI, Pat Flynn's blog, and found the most amazing video trailer:

It really puts things in perspective.

I still feel dumpy but at least I know it won't last.  The video did cheer me up.

Click here to help the video get done and give hope to others:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun with iPhone photos

I had an interesting week with my iPhone and photos I took.

I know SB can make coffee but apparently can't count.

Not looking forward to reaching this age. LOL.

Perfect for my pessimistic wino friends.

Text my son sent me.  He's 13 and just the little things touch my heart. But he is such a guy...he loved the meat, lol.
Happy Memorial weekend to all those who sacrifice so I have freedom.  Thank you for your service.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lazy Doggie Day

Don't you wish you could have days like this?
My dog, Maggy.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hangin' with my Gnomie, Brian Wilson Gnome that is.

Fear the gnome beard
Brian Wilson's gnome made a huge splash at Giant Stadium Sunday. 20,000 people got the gnome! And I was one of them!

He is out this year but that didn't keep people away from AT&T park on Sunday.  I heard some people stood in line since 8 am to get the Brian Wilson gnome.  That's crazy!  (But it is cute.)  We arrived at 11 am for a 1 pm game just to stand in line that was about 1/2 mile long to get into the park and get our gnome.

We have season tickets this year to all the home SF Giants games.  I had never been to a Giants game before this year.  And I wish that was not the case.  The stadium is amazing!  It is beautiful and feels like you are going back in time to watch old time baseball with its brick walls and pennant banners.

Not to mention the fans are awesome!! It is so nice to attend a capacity game of crazy fans!  Sunday's game was the 106th consecutive sold out game!
Me and hubby
Did I mention they have THE BEST GHIRADELLI SUNDAES!!?  I didn't take a photo of it because frankly, I just wanted to eat it.

I am hoping to see a "splash hit" this year.  That's when a player hits a home run over the wall the head to the bay.  That would make my year!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Beginnings for AllieRambles


Most people online know me as AllieRambles at Ramblings of a WAHM, where I write about blogging and creating a business online as a mom.  This blog, Allie's Web Quest, is simply a place I hide out and rant about whatever I like.

I started it back in September 2010 with absolutely no direction, goals or plans; I just wanted to see where it would take me.

The blog is suppose to be a bouncing board of ideas on how to earn a living online.  And how I have earned.  But frankly, I had to learn about blogging, social media and SEO first before I felt I could move on to actually earning online.  At least that was the route I took.  i felt I needed a strong blog before I could move on.

So I have a whole bunch of posts about How to Start and Run a Blog, Social Media and SEO but not quite any about online income and business, unless you count the one where I rant about how little I have earned.

This is where I stand today, in front of you, saying I am reinventing Ramblings of a WAHM. Well, I guess you would almost call it a shift in content.

I am done writing about how to blog, network and get to the top of search engines.  I want, no need, to write about how I make some money online.  And I am getting there.


I have won contests that brought in $150.  I use Swagbucks and BzzAgent to get free stuff and earn Paypal gift cards.  I sell stuff on my blog like ebooks for business and blogging, aka affiliate sales.  I earn a tiny bit from Google Adsense.  

I would say I am moving forward.

Why am I writing all this?

  1. If you know about SEO I am busy backlinking many of my posts using keywords in the text above. (See I did it again in that last sentence.)
  2. I have links so hopefully you can go to my other blog and discover a new blog to read.
  3.  And honestly, I am venting.  I can't do this on my other blog, it is too "business".  I can't just "let loose".
  4. Actually, I sat down to write about 4 sentences about the new look of RWAHM!!!  I am so excited!!
Here is the before and after banner.

Anyhow, have a great day and if you are a SAHM or a mom with some extra time and a drive to learn online business come say hi over at my other blog.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Electronic Monster Baby From Hell

Yesterday my 13 year old son became a father for about 15 hours.  He brought home the dreaded electronic Real Care baby. 
TJ, my grandson for 15 hrs
As part of sex education here in our school district, the 8th graders take home this baby to teach them about responsibility and the fact that babies are not easy.  And TJ was not.

It was all fun and games talking about naming the baby and what is expected of the students, right after school but when 4 PM came around my son's demeanor changed, he disappeared into his room until dinner. By 6 PM he was already done with it.  Wow! He still had over 12 hours with the electronic monster.

The baby has a timer, it starts to sense and do things at 4PM until 7AM the next morning.  And it started in at 4:11 PM, crying.  It was so weird to see my son holding a baby.  For him, babies are a whole different species.  He was 2 when his sister was born and that is probably the most experience he has had.  Maybe a few toddlers and children here and there, but no infants.

The baby cried what felt like the whole time I was awake until 10PM.  My poor son.  He rocked, feed, burped and changed the diapers but it still fussed.  He couldn't put it down.  He got the colicky baby.  (Karma is a bitch cuz he was a colicky too.)

I was awake around 5:30 AM and heard nothing.  I felt relief for him.  BUT WAIT!  Nope, baby starting crying at 5:44 AM.  I went in to see my son and he looked like a zombie.  He told me the baby didn't quiet down until 1 AM.  And then woke up again at 3 AM and 4 something.

I let him sleep in as long as I could but he had to go to school, to get rid of TJ. 

We weren't sad to see him go.  But, guess what, he gets another one in high school. For a week!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are There Any Parenting Blogs Focusing on Teens?

I miss those years...

I am a mom of a teen boy and soon be teen girl (who, I might say is already going through the emotions of a teen so I just can't wait to see what comes in 2 years, lol.)

If you know me I am online A LOT.  I have a few blogs, I am on the popular social networks, I try to earn a living online and I am just hear reading to learn.

The one thing I have not come across is mom blogs that focus on the teen years.  

There are expectant mom blogs, newborn mom blogs, and child mom blogs.  But I just can't seem to find blogs about mom (and dads) writing about their life with their teen.


First, I assume their teens would never talk to them again.  But, really, is that so bad or different than what is already going on? (lol)

And, well, are the parents of teens done with parent talk?  Do they think they got this whole raising a child thing down?

Because I don't.

I would love to meet some parent bloggers who talk about having teens.

I have found one place I can explore and seems to be growing: Mom Bloggers Club "Moms with Teens". There is some talk going on there but I would really like to read some blogs.

Any ideas? 
Do you write about your life with a teen?

Thin Mint S'Mores

This last weekend my daughter and I celebrated Girl Scouts 100th anniversary.  We camped and enjoyed activities.  But one of the highlights is always S'mores, right?  Girl Scouts is credited for starting S'mores so we better eat some while camping out.

I brought a box of Thin Mints to the camp, I mean you can't have a GS activity w/o GS cookies.
We decided to smush a Thin Mint right next to the chocolate and marshmallow.  Oh my!  It was so yummy!

I did not take a picture, it was simply too dark.  But here is the recipe:

1 graham cracker split in half 
1/2 Hershey bar
1 Thin Mint Cookie
1 toasted (or burnt) marshmallow

Place in this order:

1 graham cracker, Hershey chocolate, Thin Mint cookie, marshmallow, the other graham cracker.

Eat it up and just try not to be sticky.

Monday, May 7, 2012

SneakPeeq Your Way into Fun Shopping

Do you ever wish you could be rewarded for shopping online?  Have it be social and fun?  Have an exclusive peak into up and coming designers and brands?

You can with SneakPeeq.

It is a new way to shop online and it is so much fun!

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Blog Commenting Just Got Fun

I bet you never even thought about what is the best way to leave a comment on a blog.  Did you?

I have been commenting on blogs for a long time now.  I absolutely love commenting whenever I have the time.  I learn. I'm social.  I meet new bloggers.  I get traffic to my blog. Etc, etc.

I have a special technique I use.  I try  to make my comments a little more personal.

This is how I comment.  And you can get more details here: How I Comment for Blog Success


Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco de Mayo for the Ones Watching What They Stuff in Their Faces

Was that title just too harsh?  I stuff my face on Mexican food when I can, and I am not ashamed. 

But I do try to make better choices while I stuff my face with the spicy cuisine.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.

Check out how I do it.  And there is the most awesome recipe for Carne Asada (cut flank steak) there too!

Making Healthy Cuisine Choices on Cinco de Mayo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fairy HobMother Rocks

The Fairy HobMother fluttered into my inbox last week.

Who is this Fairy HobMother?

Matt Mitchell, to be exact.  But even more than that she (er he) is a generous, smart, online business entrepreneur who runs Appliances Online.

You are probably wondering what the heck am I talking about?  Who cares.

I do.

Matt offered me an Amazon gift card for mentioning his site on my blogs.  (I also wrote a post up at Ramblings of a WAHM, which will be live May 5th.)

Let me back up, I tend to get ahead of myself and loose my readers.

The Fairy HobMother sends bloggers that he finds in the blogosphere an e-card for Amazon if that blogger mentions his site in a post.  It is that easy.  I already redeemed my card for the new Blogess book. :-)

So thanks a bunch Matt, er, Fairy HobMother.  You not only made my day but also the Blogess for the sale she just got. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mock Pina Colada Vi Shake

My trainer, Maria, lured me into the Body by Vi shakes.  To tell you the honest truth, at first I DID NOT like them.  But they have grown on my and I can honestly say I have a lot more energy and I feel I may be losing some weight.

I normally make the shakes with soy milk but Maria also suggested Coconut Milk.  I love coconut.  But for some reason the milk of a coconut didn't sound very appealing to me.  BUT I figured I would try it anyway in a shake, just to say I did.

OMG! It is like a Virgin Pina Colada!

Here is my recipe:

1 cup coconut milk
1 cup crushed ice
2 scoops Vi shake powder

Blend in blender.  Enjoy with a little umbrella and pretend you are on some tropical beach.  (With Johnny Depp.)

I was joking with my friend this morning that I just need to add some rum. :-)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Body by Vi Shake...How I Do It

I broke down and bought the Body by Vi shake mix.  I want to loose some weight and I am lazy. (Not a good combo for loosing weight.)  I normally don't like drinking shakes as meal replacements but damn it, I'm not doing it on my own with my own meals.  I work out hard about 3-5 times a week but no weight is coming off my body.  Frankly, I like to eat and I mess up a lot and eat pizza and hamburgers.

At least the shakes are good, nutritious and easy to make.

No, I'm not trying to sell you anything.  Just talking here. :-)