Friday, October 19, 2012

Suburban Trumps Minivan, Well, Only if Minivan is Driven by Crazy Mom

Dear Crazy Minivan Mom,

This morning, yes, I was running late taking my daughter to school. But I sure was not going let her be late.

As I turned right onto the main street, I had the unfortunate luck of being behind you. As you meandered in the right lane going 10 mph UNDER the speed limit, I figured I needed to legally pass you on the left in order to get my daughter to school on time.

I got in the left lane and proceeded to speed up to the speed limit to get around you. And turned on my right blinker to signal I was getting back over. As I glanced into my right side mirror, because I needed back in the right lane,  I noticed you were actually rather close to my car in the that lane. Huh? I thought I could easily pass you, I mean I did watch my vehicle pass yours. At that moment I realized, you were not going to let me in the lane. You sped up!! 

Let the games begin!   As I needed back in the lane, I sped up.  Now I am going 5 mph over the speed limit but I can see you are right next to me.  OK!  Let's do this, my car is bigger than yours. Ha!  I decided to get over. 

Apparently, I cut you off because you honked like a mad woman!  This action made me say a few choice words in front of my daughter, who, by the way, is celebrating her 12 birthday today! Thanks, see what you made me do!?

Job done.  I got in the right turning lane as you proceeded BEHIND me. I gave you a nice wave and continued my day.

My daughter was not late to school.  And I got a great chuckle from you attempted to take on my  Suburban.

So next time, crazy mom, don't take on a mom crazier than you. 

Love and Kisses,

Yep, that's my baby. 

No cars, children or people were physically harmed in the race to be better.  Some feelings were hurt.  But who cares.
Also, I am not implying any vehicle is better than any other.  I was on a mission to beat you!    

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