Friday, October 5, 2012

Frugality When Kids Get Older, #FrugalPhotoFriday

When my kids were little I could send them to school with a lunch box and reusable containers for everything.  It was a great way to help keep plastic out of the environment and save money by not having to buy sandwich bags, drinks and lunch bags.

Now my son is 14 and wouldn't be caught dead using reusable containers outside our home.  I understand, he has a reputation to keep up at school. LOL.  So I have to buy paper lunch bags, plastic sandwich bags and bottles of water. :(

But I did convince him to bring back the empty bottles so I can rinse, dry and reuse them again.

Small victories are still victories, right?  Now if I can get him to turn in his assignments...


  1. It's funny how things change or how one child can be so different from another. My son is 16 and when he was in middle school I knew if I sent a reusable container it was never coming home! but now that he is 16 he takes an nice lunch sack every day along with a thermos and even real silver wear and brings them all home to be washed. He says the other kids think his lunches are cool. :)

    1. I wish my son would take reusable stuff to school. He stopped around 4th grade. I'm sure when he gets older he will go back to his green ways.


  2. Awww... That is too bad that using reusable containers isn't the cool thing these days. At least you found a way to save on water bottles!

    I look forward to seeing what you share next week!