Monday, April 30, 2012

Body by Vi Shake...How I Do It

I broke down and bought the Body by Vi shake mix.  I want to loose some weight and I am lazy. (Not a good combo for loosing weight.)  I normally don't like drinking shakes as meal replacements but damn it, I'm not doing it on my own with my own meals.  I work out hard about 3-5 times a week but no weight is coming off my body.  Frankly, I like to eat and I mess up a lot and eat pizza and hamburgers.

At least the shakes are good, nutritious and easy to make.

No, I'm not trying to sell you anything.  Just talking here. :-)


Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Concert

Right now...

I'm at...

Miranda's CONCERT!!! Whoo hoo!

Weekday Morning Cartoons

My daughter (11yo) is up early, 6:30 am. She really only needs to be up by 7:15 am to get to school.  (I think she is excited about going to the SF Giants game tonight with daddy.)

As she walked into my office I was reminded of being a kid again.  Waking up early just to grab a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons before school.

Remember when cartoons were special? Not on 24 hours a day, even on demand at times.  If you grew up before cable and only had 5 channels to choose from, I bet you remember cartoons were only on before school, right after school and weekend mornings. 

You looked forward to cartoons.  

Kids now have them on all the time.  So sad for them.  Nothing to look forward to when school was out and your friends weren't outside yet.


You know what my daughter watches? (And I am a proud mama.)

She LOVES Scooby Do, Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry.  Not the crap that is out now. (Sorry Spongebob, I do love ya.)

I love that both my kids love the classics.  Not only do I reminisce but I actually can talk to them about the episodes.  Heck, I watched them so many times as a kid they are etched into my brain.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Donde Esta El Muddy Run Photos?

Ok, so I am waiting for the darn (I won't curse here but I want to!) photos of the Survivor Mud Run I did last Sunday to become available.  BUT the company is that took our photo is having "site difficulties".  I don't know about you but I just think they are having "lazy" difficulties.  If you are online all the time and have read of people having site difficulties, they don't take frickin' 4 days to fix!  Especially if you have pros helping you, and they do.

Whatever, I guess it is legit.

I'll move on for now.

Oh and yes, I did not take any pictures after I got muddy because, duh, I was MUDDY and didn't want to touch my camera.

I did take 2 after I cleaned my hands.

My celebratory beer! Whoo hoo!

Mud still in my ear.

 Those are pretty boring.  Right? 

Anyhow, I had a BLAST!!!  It was so much fun!  I'll be writing up a post soon, when those frickin' photos come in.

While you are waiting feel free to read Making Healthy Choices on Cinco de Mayo.  What is Cinco de Mayo? Read the article. :-0

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washing My Beast

I drive a Suburban.  It is one of the most environmentally challenged things I do.  (If you know me, I like to try to be friends with dirt, animals and trees.)

I love her but:

She is a gasoline alcoholic.

She takes up twice as much room as most cars on the road and on my driveway.

She costs double and triple to maintain.

And I get some dirty looks in San Fran, land of the Pruis.

I wanted to get a license plate frame that said  "I eat Prius for breakfast" and then have the license plate say "8 PRIUS" But I really don't like my beast being vandalized when I park her by irate enviro-friendly drivers. 

But I love her. 

I have 2 kids and each one gets a row when we travel.  That alone pays for her tenfold in my mind.

I don't drive her much either. I am a WAHM, my commute is to the next room.

Since I love her, I washed her this morning.  She's all sparkly and pretty now. 

I washed the beast.

Washing my suburban

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Stupid Feet!

What a beautiful weekend we had here in NorCal.  It was the first sun we had that was warm and inviting since, um, I don't know, I'm not a meteorologist but I know it was nice.  Flip flop season finally!  If you know me I wear flip flops religiously.

This year flip flops have a whole new meaning for me.  I have what I believe to be Plantar Fasciitis.  That is self diagnosed but I will be seeing a doctor soon to get a professional opinion.  With Plantar Fasciitis I must wear shoes (and that includes flip flops) with arch support.  


The words "arch support" ring old lady! Just like "sore joints" and "fiber" do.  Well I have sore joints and I make sure I get enough fiber in my diet.  But I am not old.  Well, nature must think a 40 year old woman that works out 4-6 times a week really hard, is old.

Yes, I said it, I'm 40.  And last year I knew this number was coming.  So I started to workout.  Not just your simple aerobics or bike riding.  Circuit training, kick boxing, and personal training workouts.  I am more fit, yet more achy than I have ever been.   

It is very hard to start a regiment of kicking, jumping jacks, planks, mountain climbers and any other movement that invokes sweating for an hour at 40.  Everything hurts.  Sure I have more energy.  But I also wake up with my body begging to stay in that fetal position.

But I love what I am doing because I know when I do get old, and that is the old I decide, not nature, I want to be the strongest and healthiest I can be.  

Back to the flip you know what arch support flip flops cost?  I looked it up $75!  I can't afford to be injured!  $75!  I am used to $30.  This is going to be an expensive summer.

Friday, April 13, 2012

SF Giants Baseball

Now why didn't I go with my husband to the Giants game?

Maybe I was angry he bought season tickets.

Maybe I just don't like going to MLB Baseball games.

Or was I just being lazy?

I don't know why I said I didn't want to go to their home opener, I think I would have had fun.  Especially because as I type they are going to take the game against the Pirates.

:-(  I should have gone.

Go Giants!

Why Do I Torture Myself?

I can't believe I am starting a new blog!  I think they are like cats and tattoos, once you have one you need more.  Even though I don't have either a cat or tattoo. LOL.

I do also blog over at Ramblings of a WAHM, but that is all business.  I needed a place to vent and have fun.

You can reach me on Twitter at Allie's Web Quest.