Saturday, July 14, 2012

Out of Place in the City

This weekend we ( me, the hubby and kids) are taking a mini vacation in San Francisco. I love visiting the city- everything I need is within a 1.5 radius walking circle! And that includes about 20 Starbucks, lol.
But the one thing I hate is I feel so out of place. I don't dress like a city dweller. I look more like a mom that rarely leaves her comfy suburban setting. (Wait, I am that mom.)
The women here have posh boots, cool blazers and just dress all around so much more vogue than I ever can.
What am I wearing? Jeans, tennis shoes and my 6 year old sweater.
And on top of that, their hair looks so nice! It's foggy in SF, how do they keep there hair styles from falling? I did my hair up all nice this morning, left the hotel and 5 minutes later it looked like I just walked through a waterfall!
I love the city but I need to work on looking not so out of place.