Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washing My Beast

I drive a Suburban.  It is one of the most environmentally challenged things I do.  (If you know me, I like to try to be friends with dirt, animals and trees.)

I love her but:

She is a gasoline alcoholic.

She takes up twice as much room as most cars on the road and on my driveway.

She costs double and triple to maintain.

And I get some dirty looks in San Fran, land of the Pruis.

I wanted to get a license plate frame that said  "I eat Prius for breakfast" and then have the license plate say "8 PRIUS" But I really don't like my beast being vandalized when I park her by irate enviro-friendly drivers. 

But I love her. 

I have 2 kids and each one gets a row when we travel.  That alone pays for her tenfold in my mind.

I don't drive her much either. I am a WAHM, my commute is to the next room.

Since I love her, I washed her this morning.  She's all sparkly and pretty now. 

I washed the beast.

Washing my suburban


  1. No, Allie, you didn't wash the beast. You had it washed...


  2. You are right, I did not wash her. The carwash did. And they do a much better job than I can in 30 minutes. LOL.