Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekday Morning Cartoons

My daughter (11yo) is up early, 6:30 am. She really only needs to be up by 7:15 am to get to school.  (I think she is excited about going to the SF Giants game tonight with daddy.)

As she walked into my office I was reminded of being a kid again.  Waking up early just to grab a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons before school.

Remember when cartoons were special? Not on 24 hours a day, even on demand at times.  If you grew up before cable and only had 5 channels to choose from, I bet you remember cartoons were only on before school, right after school and weekend mornings. 

You looked forward to cartoons.  

Kids now have them on all the time.  So sad for them.  Nothing to look forward to when school was out and your friends weren't outside yet.


You know what my daughter watches? (And I am a proud mama.)

She LOVES Scooby Do, Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry.  Not the crap that is out now. (Sorry Spongebob, I do love ya.)

I love that both my kids love the classics.  Not only do I reminisce but I actually can talk to them about the episodes.  Heck, I watched them so many times as a kid they are etched into my brain.

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