Friday, May 11, 2012

Electronic Monster Baby From Hell

Yesterday my 13 year old son became a father for about 15 hours.  He brought home the dreaded electronic Real Care baby. 
TJ, my grandson for 15 hrs
As part of sex education here in our school district, the 8th graders take home this baby to teach them about responsibility and the fact that babies are not easy.  And TJ was not.

It was all fun and games talking about naming the baby and what is expected of the students, right after school but when 4 PM came around my son's demeanor changed, he disappeared into his room until dinner. By 6 PM he was already done with it.  Wow! He still had over 12 hours with the electronic monster.

The baby has a timer, it starts to sense and do things at 4PM until 7AM the next morning.  And it started in at 4:11 PM, crying.  It was so weird to see my son holding a baby.  For him, babies are a whole different species.  He was 2 when his sister was born and that is probably the most experience he has had.  Maybe a few toddlers and children here and there, but no infants.

The baby cried what felt like the whole time I was awake until 10PM.  My poor son.  He rocked, feed, burped and changed the diapers but it still fussed.  He couldn't put it down.  He got the colicky baby.  (Karma is a bitch cuz he was a colicky too.)

I was awake around 5:30 AM and heard nothing.  I felt relief for him.  BUT WAIT!  Nope, baby starting crying at 5:44 AM.  I went in to see my son and he looked like a zombie.  He told me the baby didn't quiet down until 1 AM.  And then woke up again at 3 AM and 4 something.

I let him sleep in as long as I could but he had to go to school, to get rid of TJ. 

We weren't sad to see him go.  But, guess what, he gets another one in high school. For a week!!!

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  1. That's crazy! I don't remember ever having to do that and, boy, am I relieved. Back in the day they used eggs or flour bags. I remember the last days of the project you saw 'remnants' of the kids. I'm surprised they get those electronic babies back in one piece! Your poor son...and you!