Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pity Party for One

Do you ever just feel defeated?

Nothing going your way?

As much as you think "I have my health, my family and life is actually pretty good" you still feel dumpy?

That is how I feel today.

I am tired.

I can feel the tension in the back of my neck.

I tried to run errands this morning.  Couldn't find parking at the school so I left.  Post office was closed.  My accountant was closed.  My Starbucks buddy who meets me every Wednesday was not there.  My daughter is home sick, she keeps sneezing and coughing.

All I want is time for myself.  Am I being selfish?  (Now the guilt will make me feel even worse.)

Is it that all the bad little things start adding up and they trump the good big things in your life?

I know I just need the day to pass.  Get some work done.  And get over my pity party.

Tomorrow is another day.  And summer is almost here! Whoo hoo!

Don't look at my toes. :-)
I know, I'll get a pedicure!  That always works!

UPDATE (Just moments after pressing "publish"):

Right after I posted this Pity Party for One I headed over to SPI, Pat Flynn's blog, and found the most amazing video trailer:

It really puts things in perspective.

I still feel dumpy but at least I know it won't last.  The video did cheer me up.

Click here to help the video get done and give hope to others:

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