Monday, June 11, 2012

Whoo hoo! Summer Break Is Here!

The Fam at the Grand Canyon 2010

My kids are out of school.  And I love it!!!

No homework. No tests.   No rushing around in the morning to get them out to school.  No stopping my day to grab them from school.

No worries for a whole 7 weeks! Whoo hoo!

Yep, only 7 weeks. 

My kids are on what is called a "modified traditional" school calendar.  They get a shorter summer.  But we get 2 weeks off in October, 2 weeks in December and 2 weeks in the Spring. 

When I enrolled my son in Kindergarten almost 9 years ago, I did not like this new plan.  I was angry that our summer would be cut short. BUT...and that is a BIG BUT...

October is a wonderful time to take vacations.  The weather is slightly cooler but still very pleasant.  And here's the biggy: LINES ARE SHORTER.  Everyone is in school so lines at amusement parks and any vacation destination are shorter!! Whoo hoo!

There is one problem: Football.  Yes, my son decided to play a Fall sport.  And that took away out October break.  But I love watching him play.  This year he is starting high school so will play for the Freshman team.  I am so scared for him.  Some of these boys look like men!! And my son just doesn't yet.

Would you enjoy a a shorter summer for 2 weeks off in October?

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