Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ignoring the Universe, I Shoulda Stayed in Bed

Yesterday was just "ONE OF THOSE DAYS"!!

You know them.  People have said that they "woke up on the wrong side of the bed".

That was me. Period.  (Actually, I wish I could blame my period but it just ended.)

I did not want to leave my bedroom except for coffee, Taco Bell and BBQ pork.  (Don't ask why I wanted the last one, it sounded good.)

I woke up grouchy.  Who knew why.  Maybe I was tired. Maybe I just needed coffee.  IDK.

I got the kids ready and out the door.  Drive to school.  My son is in High School now so I take him across town.  As I'm driving I see something in the middle of the road.  Eeek!  It's a snake.  Oh, it's dead.  No it's not!!!  And I run it over!!! Crap!!  It was BIG snake too.  I felt really bad.  Why?  I don't like taking any lives, not my thing.

That's over.  Drop my daughter at Junior High. Love love kisses.  (I love having a daughter, my son just gets out and grunts "bye".)

I'm excited!! My first full day to workout then blog at my WAHM blog and get some work done.  But, no, my good friend calls.  That's ok, it will be short.  Not a chance.  She is having problems with her daughter and some parents she was left in care with over the weekend.  You see, her daughter has Celiacs and apparently the dumbasses taking care of her at a slumber party didn't care if she wanted her special diet food.  (It's a long story.)  She was very hungry and mom was angry.  I would be also.  So we spoke for 2 hours.  No workout and now it is almost time for lunch.

Screw it, I'm out to Taco Bell.  Good lunch.

Then off to grocery shop and pick up dry cleaning.

I got home at 2:30pm with about 20 minutes to use for work until I get daughter at Junior High.  Ya, really? What can you possibly do in 20 minutes?

3:30.  Daughter needs help with homework.  Kitchen is mess.  Fold laundry.  You know, all that mom stuff we do.

By the time my son gets home from football practice at 6:30 PM I'm tired.  I read one blog.  Did not log into my own blog.  And I am in a really foul mood now.

Wait......It gets better. 

7:15 PM SF Giants baseball game on.  If you know me, I am a new obsessed fan.  They proceeded to lose 15-2!!!

I should have stayed in bed.  The universe was telling me something that morning and I ignored it.

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I feel better now that I dumped all that on you. Ha ha!

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  1. Well, thanks, now I feel icky. J/k. Well, at least the next day can only get better :)